Trooper Profile: Han_Solo

Forum NameHan_Solo
Character NameHan Solo
Real NameWes
Member Since:  2014-01-31
Costume List
Han Solo , approved 2014-01-31
Jedi , approved 2016-08-07
Current Year Troops:  0
Troops Since we started Tracking:  29
Recent Tour of Duty
2022-06-12: Honoring a Star Wars fan Pastor on his exit
2022-05-14: Take Steps Portland
2020-06-13: Private Event
2018-11-04: Private Event
2018-07-24: Hillsboro Hops Star Wars Night
2018-06-25: Team Slow Poke HTC Fundraiser (TBD...)
2018-06-10: Private Event
2017-10-03: Ian Doescher booksigning
2017-07-20: Hillsboro Hops Star Wars Night
2017-06-25: Heroes and Villains H&V Fan Fest Day 2
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