Trooper Profile: Garou

Forum NameGarou
Character NameJedi
Real NameBen
Member Since:  2019-11-18
Costume List
Jedi , approved 2019-11-18
Current Year Troops:  0
Troops Since we started Tracking:  15
Recent Tour of Duty
2023-12-09: Christmas Storybook Land
2023-12-02: the grinch that stole Christmas Springfield christmas parade
2023-08-12: Eugene Emeralds Star Wars day
2023-08-11: EPL Teen/Tween Comic Con
2023-05-07: Costco Children’s Miracle network
2022-12-11: Christmas Storybook Land
2022-09-17: Private Event
2022-07-30: Oregon Asian Celebration
2022-07-16: Emeralds Star Wars night
2022-05-15: Bark in the Park
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