Trooper Profile: wlounsbury2901

Forum Namewlounsbury2901
Character NameBarriss Offee
Real NameWendy
Member Since:  2016-07-24
Costume List
Barriss Offee , approved 2016-07-24
Current Year Troops:  0
Troops Since we started Tracking:  73
Recent Tour of Duty
2022-05-07: Coffee with The Force
2022-05-04: Private Event
2022-03-31: March Virtual Trooping Challenge
2020-05-16: Walk for Wishes
2020-05-04: SWO May the 4th Social Media - Virtual
2020-01-25: Reaching for the Stars
2019-12-20: Holiday Magic -Sci-Fi Night at World of Speed Motorsports Museum
2019-08-18: Dash for Kids - Sunday
2019-08-17: Dash for Kids - Saturday
2019-06-22: Tigard Festival of Balloons Saturday
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